Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Desert Safari is a trip of Dubai Desert by Hummer, which is an exceptionally agreeable jouney for the voyaging vacationers. The accomplished Hummer safari drivers will take you for a forsake experience brimming with fun and fervor altogether.

A small tip by VIP Hummer H2 is genuinely an incredible affair for the guests. There is some sort of an exceptional excite when you begin your trip in a Hummer and experience the brilliant sands of the forsake. In this trip, you are regularly taken to places in the forsake where there are high, red sand ridges.

Here you get the opportunity to encounter the energy of sand bashing. You can likewise appreciate an incredible sand boarding background where you will slide down the hills. Here, you can even take a camel ride which would add to your forsake experience.

After the day's experience, you will get the chance to see the dusk in the abandon. This time would be the ideal time to do some of your memorable photography. You will discover monstrous bliss when you go all over the moving hills of the Dubai abandon. Soon after that, you will achieve your camps which are generally enlivened.

On entry, a customary Arabian style welcome will astound you. There you get the chance to encounter a customary Bedouin style stylistic layout and a selective Arabic supper with refreshments, natural products, and desserts. Alongside that, there will be music and hip twirl ( belly dance ) exhibitions, Shishas ( Hookah ) of various flavors and henna tattoos. Try not to keep yourself denied of camp occasions and bear in mind to taste the exceptional BBQ dinner and the various plates of mixed greens.

The drivers have absolutely top driving skills, and the Hummers have safety belts and emergency treatment boxes for your security. Vehicles are authorized to convey 6 travelers, barring the driver.

Every one of the visitors must wear safety belts amid the visit as a well being precautionary measure. You would not feel awkward amid the adventure as the Hummers are completely ventilated.

Please keep in mind that a minimum of 2 persons are needed for this trip.

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