Magnificent Dhow Cruises In Dubai

One of the most beautiful place of sightseeing in Dubai is the Dhow Cruise. You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t set a foot in Dhow cruise of Dubai. It is like setting a foot on a part of paradise floating on water. Consider the Cruise as the Titanic of its time. What would you want on a floating place in Dubai, Buffet, live singers and dancer, you name it, it has it. You might be familiar with Musandam tour, or desert safari of Dubai, but dhow cruises are something class apart.

Get to know the Dhow Cruise.

You might be faced with two kinds of Dhow cruises; The one in Marina and the other one in Creek. The Creek is near the airport while the Marina is along the coast of Dubai. Dhow Cruises are similar to the desert safaris of Dubai except that they are on water and the experience is quite exceptional. Consider it a restaurant on water, and its not even still, filled with Arabic food. While having and enchanting lunch you get to experience the view of buildings from the sea that is heart throbbing. And the view gets even better in evening when you witness the real beauty of Dubai covered in Lights of different colors and the cruise itself glazing with the shine of lights float in water great beauty. The scene really depicts the paradise.

What are they actually offering?

Dhow Cruise will offer you simply a pleasant and memorable evening. It is not an ordinary sail over a random creek but they provide you two hours of the most quality time that you ever have experienced anywhere else and that too on the water which doubles the fun. There you wont just get the Arab food but also the Arab environment around u and Arabic culture.If you need privacy, you always have that option available too in the lower decks of the cruise, but why compartmentalize yourself when you can have the soothing air touch your face in the open area s of the cruise and you can have the time of your life seeing the beautiful surrounding of Dubai, especially the breathtaking architectural work and the magnificent and gigantic sky scrappers that your camera eyes are missing to capture in them. But the fun doesn’t stop here, at the end of the tour you get to see the fascinating Egyptian dance of the professional dancer ‘Tanura‘.

Why Dhow Cruise?

The only question that comes in mind is why Dhow Cruise. Why sailing on a cruise while a desert safari or other similar experiences can blow you away? Well if you are with your loved ones or your significant others on a honey moon or a trip to spice up things a bit, what more romantic place can you find than a Dhow cruise with the soothing music and environment that gives life to stones to make them dance or an experience that makes stirs your emotions like you are on TITANIC ship but instead of scary ocean to be seen for mile you get to see the beauty of Arab. Or if you are expecting a business deal, the setup offered by these cruises help you smooth the rough edges in a transaction by creating a positive environment for official meetings.

What makes it unique?

This ride gives you a treatment that every person loves to enjoy, The Royal Treatment, the treatment one thrives to have. The workers and waiters around you serving you like royals of Middle east and letting you know the places that you will be visiting and would love to see while you are holding your tea sipping it slowly, free from any worries left behind at home. This is what makes this tour unique and this experience enchanting.

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