The Unified Merger of Abu Dhabi & Dubai To Be Named UAE Tour

Bicycle tours are trips by individuals or groups for themselves for pleasure and adventure purposes instead of sports purpose. These are mostly arranged or organized by a club or a holiday business for fundraising. Usually take days, months and sometimes year. People prefer this as it is cheaper, healthier and more interactive.

Dubai is famous for its coast line, miles of sandy white beaches and deserts. There is no other way to enjoy seeing them than by a cycle. If that is not exciting enough then you will definitely be thrived to know about the merging of Dubai and Abu Dhabi cycling tour, named UAE Tour, that will take effect from 2019, which means double the fun.

Official Announcement.

Arif Al Awani, Secretary General of Sports Council of Abu Dhabi along with Saeed Harib, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council signed a memorandum on 14th March 2018 for unifying the Dubai and Abu Dhabi tour under the name of “UAE Tour”, during a press conference at Abu Dhabi sports council conference hall. The merger aims to put the efforts of nation to one place for organizing a cycling event that bears the name of the country.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) will be addressed by Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Dubai Sports Council and UAE Cycling Federation combined to list this tour in agenda of World Cycling Competition. This shows that their combined efforts are for an international achievement. Their objective is not a financial one but instead a strategic although it will be financially viable. Saeed Harib stated, “ This project is not more or less a financial resource for us but it will impact on the value and in terms of  mass media coverage”.

The UAE Tour.

The UAE tour will take effect from 2019. It will be a seven day and seven stage tour as planned with a hope of participation by all Emirates. The distance of each stage will vary and will cover almost every area of United Arab Emirates. So, buckle up those who are going to participate in this exciting and adventurous tour as this is a must go tour because you are going to see the most beautiful places of Dubai and Abu Dhabi passing through Khasab borderline, where you definitely can’t resist the Musandam and Dubai Dhow. But the list is not exclusive, how can someone not enjoy the desert of Dubai on a tour of whole Emirates. The greatest and prodigious Sky Scrappers like Burj Khalifa of Dubai and the magnificent Burj Al Arab on seaside are definitely out of question to visit.

In short, the UAE tour will give you a thrilling tour of whole Emirate and you won’t even be passing, enclosed in a 4×4 vehicle but in a healthy cycle tour with a healthy sport of cycle race.

The Event Time.

The only thing under discussion is the time of event to take place. As the race event must happen in the best possible time of the year. The UCI will be deciding among the two most reasonable dates provided. February has the most pleasant climate and it is expected that the date will be on the same time as it is suitable for the sports.

Harib is hopeful about this new project and expects to have great impact on media coverage due to the combined effort put into it.

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