Jet Ski Mamzar

Put a spark in your life with the rejuvenating Jet Ski ride in Mamzar Beach. We provide expert guidance to the beginners and follow all the safety precautions. Enjoy this amazing water activity and experience the thrill. Life jackets and safety instruments are included.

Basic Package AED 80

Basic Package

Basic Package include: 30 Minutes


Advance Package AED 160

Advance Package

Advance Package include: 1 Hour.


Golden Package AED 320

Advance Package

Golden Package include: 2 Hours.


Contract rules & agreement:
  • The customer undertakes to wear a life jacket. The establishment is not responsible for any negligence in this respect.
  • The lessee is fully responsible by law, if motorbikes used by law, if motorbikes used by anyone other than the lessee’s name stated in the contract. Contract terms accordingly will be applicable if used by other than lessee.
  • The customer shall pay Dhs. 1000/- towards each day equipment remains under repair in the workshop as a result of an accident as well as repairs costs and spare parts.
  • The lessee will be personally responsible for the consequences of accident with the bike.
  • Each customer is fully responsible of his equipment before the company whether being answerable for the accident by himself or otherwise.
  • In case of the Eqpt. Failing under the water and the water penetrated to the Engine the customer undertakes to pay the repairs costs 2000 Dirhams.
  • The customer shall not drive near to the beach or in water less that 1/2 meter deep to avoid close of the water discharge outlet, otherwise the customer undertakes to pay the cost of and damages resulting therefrom.
  • The customer shall pay 200 Dhs. If he lose the key of Jet Ski.
  • If the tenant entered the restricted area and the equipment was possessed by the authority. The tenant should be liable for the full price of the equipment and any financial of legal liabilities arising because of this action.
  • By Signing the contract. I accept the above conditions and adhere to follow them.
  • The customer shall inspect the equipment prior to deliery and shall have not right to object against the accidents report there after

Note: Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page should be commition the tenants and the office is not responsible for of such terms and conditions.

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